SEJ Therapy

Ava Griffiths, a busy entrepreneur, needed a new website layout and content refresh. As both a licensed clinical social worker and certified doula, Griffiths lacked the time to update her website and write descriptions of her additional services.

Griffiths’ services focuses on health and wellness, where she envisioned a holistic look for her brand. I started by replacing the outdated stock photos with new, stimulating images, primarily the landing page. The original content throughout the website focused only on Griffiths’ therapy service. As a certified doula and coach, I created additional pages to incorporate and explain those services. 

After completing all of the content, I performed an SEO audit of the website to check for opportunities of organic traffic growth. Griffiths had social media accounts that tied to her individual doula and coaching services, as well as recognition on Psychology Today. I encouraged Griffiths to link her website to those respective accounts, as well as shortening her URL to make it easier to search. We were able to convert ‘Sacred Earthbound Journey’ to SEJ Therapy, and made the prior domain name serve as a redirect to the new one. 

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