As a natural storyteller, I enjoy helping businesses better communicate their brands and services. I love transforming complex topics of any industry into engaging, share-worthy content. I make it my job to stay updated on style guidelines, SEO strategies, and brand-voice consistency.

I’ve also contributed articles for a number of digital magazines and online travel guides, including  Virginia Bride Magazine, GrowPro Experience, and Bronze Magazine, where I’ve written topics on lifestyle, health, fitness, finance, and travel destinations.


A Virginia-native, I now reside in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Spanish is my second language and I enjoy studying and exploring Afro-Caribbean cultures throughout Latin America.


Having experienced first-hand Hurricane Maria and the series of earthquakes in Puerto Rico, I’ve volunteered with various non-profit organizations for disaster relief services, including:

Civil Rights Advocate.

As a minority in America, I’ve both witnessed and experienced racism and injustice in the workplace and within my communities. To voice for equal rights, I’ve supported and continue donating to the following non-profit organizations: